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Schedule of Upcoming Shows & Events

We look forward to seeing you at our opening receptions, artist talks, and other gallery events. To connect, please join our mailing list, check our website, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @threestonesgallery. Please note that schedule and artists are subject to change.

May 8 - June 16

Through the Looking Glass

New paintings by Bethany Noel capture intense visual effects from her auric migraines. Finely rendered color florals by Concord-based artist Alice Rosa, abstract b/w studio photographs by Nick Johnson, are also featured. New works by represented artists Merill Comeau, Jillian Demeri, Joe Faria, and Jennifer Johnston.

Reception: Saturday, May 18, 6-8pm

June 19 - July 28

Call Me Forward, Call Me Back

Alyn Carlson’s small watercolor landscapes express her synesthesia: the ability to hear, taste, and feel color. Mara Wagner’s richly textured mixed media works, and a memorial retrospective of spirited works by Julia Ladds Clauss also highlight the show. New works by represented artists Judy Bramhall, Brenda Cirioni, Patti Ganek, Kevin Kusiolek

Reception: Friday, June 21, 6-8 pm


Show 6

July 31 - September 8

New works by Daryl Burtnett and Bruce Davidson. Small wall items by a variety of artists. New works by represented artists: Alyn Carlson, Ray Ciemny, Cecile Ganne, Joan Kocak, Colleen Pearce

Show 7

September 11 - October 20

New works by Patricia Ganek, Natasha Dikareva and Lyca Blume. New works by represented artists: Alyn Carlson, Jillian Demeri, Joe Faria, Bethany Noel

Show 8

October 23 - November 24 

New works by Jonathan MacAdam, Colleen Pearce, Jennifer Johnston. New works by represented artists: Judy Bramhall, Ray Ciemny, Brenda Cironi, Patricia Ganek

Show 9

November 27 - December 31 

New works by Timothy Dunnbier, Cecile Ganne. Small wall items by a variety of artists. New Works by represented artists: Daryl Burtnett, Joan Kocak, Colleen Pearce

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