Saeeda CARImjee

"My introduction to ceramics at the Rhode Island School of Design had a lasting impact on me – eventually leading me to set up my studio where I spend hours teaching, learning and experimenting. Selecting and pairing different types of clay with glazes is an important part of the process and results can vary dramatically, based on the type of firing, the placement in the kiln and the firing temperature— similar to the stunning patterns and colors we see in nature, created by wind, water, and sunlight. Opening the kiln and seeing the results is always a thrilling and a humbling process for me. The results are not always under a potter's control, making every hand-built piece unique.

My inspiration comes from objects, textures and colors I see in my daily life and from my travels. It makes me appreciate the small details in life we often take for granted. For example, on my trek to Everest base camp I noticed simple rock piles called 'Mani Stones' of all shapes and sizes placed along riverbanks and pathways, creating beautiful imagery and meant as a prayer to the Gods. The stones that you see in the gallery are a start to a story coming to life in various forms.

I am inspired by the works of potters such as Warren Mackenzie, Sunshine Cobb and the women ceramists I work with at my guild." — Saeeda Adamjee

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