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Through the Mystic

September 7 – October 15 

Three artists manifest scenes of ecosystems and the life that is nurtured there. Joan Kocak returns with dreamy photo encaustics of Koi ponds. Allison Mitchell uses oil paint to dive into the folds and layers of her botanical subjects. Rebekah Robinson shows intimate and reflective waterways and landscapes from the perspective of the contemplative mind. The show also features new works by represented artists: Merill Comeau, Jillian Demeri, Cécile Ganne, and Jonathan MacAdam.

Three Stones Gallery 

32 Main Street 
Concord, MA 01742
Phone: 978-371-1333
Text: 978-399-8611

Gallery Hours: 

Monday, 12 - 5

Tuesday, 10 - 6

Wednesday, 10 - 6

Thursday, 10 - 6

Friday, 10 - 6

Saturday, 10 - 5

Sunday, 10 - 5



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