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Through July 28

Call Me Forward, Call Me Back

Featured represented artist Alyn Carlson exhibits small watercolor vignettes of ethereal landscapes through the lens of synesthesia. Alyn’s work takes inspiration from her unique experience to hear, taste, and feel color. Guest artist Mara Wagner creates colorful and richly textured mixed media pieces. By incorporating fragments of earlier work she rearranges components into a new coherent whole.  New works by represented artists Brenda Cirioni, Patti Ganek, and Kevin Kusiolek


In memory of Julia Ladds Clauss this show will also include a retrospective of her whimsical and spirited creations in mixed media, where she expressed the joy and grace that she embodied.


Monday, 12 - 5

Tuesday - Friday, 10 - 6

Saturday - Sunday, 10 - 5

Three Stones Gallery 

32 Main Street 
Concord, MA 01742
Phone: 978-371-1333
Text: 978-399-8611

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