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Thursday, June 8, 6:30 pm  


Please join us to hear featured artists Brenda Cirioni (6:30) and Ellen Harasimowicz (7:00) talk about their work. 

Through June 18

Terra Firma: An Artist’s Metamorphosis and a Farm’s Legacy 

Brenda Cirioni's journey from creating mixed media barns and blazes to her abstract pieces often inspired by her garden are shown with Ellen Harasimowicz's documentary photographic project of the multi-generational Willard Farm and its owners in Still River, Mass. Through different media, both artists express the inspiration they draw from the earth.


The show also features ceramic sculpture by guest artist Cynthia Samuelson and new works by represented artists:  Jillian Demeri, Bill Chisholm, Merill Comeau, Cécile Ganne, Joan Kocak and Jonathan MacAdam. 

Three Stones Gallery 

32 Main Street 
Concord, MA 01742
Phone: 978-371-1333
Text: 978-399-8611

Gallery Hours: 

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