Video Tours

Scroll through our video channel to view a selection of works by our artists: 

(12)  Video tour of Three Stones Gallery - NEW!
(Filmed by Robin Glass and Caleb Spilios; Music by Evan Shaw and Lyca Blume)

(11)  Merill Comeau shares an artist talk about her work

(10)   Lynne D Klemmer and Colleen Pearce

(9)     Lynne D Klemmer and Ghetta Hirsch

(8)     Abstract Show - Timothy Dunnbier and Brenda Cirioni

(7)     Jillian Demeri - ocean watercolors

(6)     Robert Steinem -  

(5)     Jonathan MacAdam - New England landscapes

(4)     Lyca Blume and Marty Wallace

(3)     Merill Comeau

(2)     Timothy Dunnbier

(1)     Brenda Cirioni

Works by Jonathan MacAdam at Eden Pond
Swim + Leisure 

Eden Pond Swim + Leisure, 93 Main St., Suite 104, Concord, MA

Three Stones Gallery has collaborated with Eden Pond to place eight paintings by Jonathan MacAdam at the newly opened boutique. Stop by to check out the collections!



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