Video Tours

Scroll through our video channel to view a selection of works by our artists: 

(13)  Pamela Baldwin, Catherine Comstock, Ray Ciemny

(12)  Video tour of Three Stones Gallery 
(Filmed by Robin Glass and Caleb Spilios; Music by Evan Shaw and Lyca Blume)

(11)  Merill Comeau shares an artist talk about her work

(10)   Lynne D Klemmer and Colleen Pearce

(9)     Lynne D Klemmer and Ghetta Hirsch

(8)     Abstract Show - Timothy Dunnbier and Brenda Cirioni

(7)     Jillian Demeri - ocean watercolors

(6)     Robert Steinem -  

(5)     Jonathan MacAdam - New England landscapes

(4)     Lyca Blume and Marty Wallace

(3)     Merill Comeau

(2)     Timothy Dunnbier

(1)     Brenda Cirioni

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