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NEWS: Merill Comeau creates interactive fabric installation at ICA Boston 

Note: Merill Comeau is a represented artist at Three Stones Gallery. Her work will be featured in the show, Nature Scrolls, at the gallery, June 24 - July 31, 2020. Click here to view more of Merill's work.


Threads of Connection is a wall-sized tapestry installation by fiber artist Merill Comeau, that recognizes the building of community found within the age-old practice of gathering to assemble fabric pieces in quilting bees. This interactive project celebrates and reflects on the many different backgrounds and experiences of the people visiting the Bank of America Art Lab, as visitors of all ages are invited to collaborate in the making of the tapestry and share their stories in the museum’s own quilting bee. Contributions from visitors will be added to the tapestry regularly, creating a constantly growing reflection of the community.

Institute of Contemporary Art, 25 Harbor Shore Drive, Boston, MA

Through June 21, 2020. 617-478-3100

To learn more visit:


Works by Jonathan MacAdam at Eden Pond
Swim + Leisure 

Eden Pond Swim + Leisure, 93 Main St., Suite 104, Concord, MA

Three Stones Gallery has collaborated with Eden Pond to place eight paintings by Jonathan MacAdam at the newly opened boutique. Stop by to check out the collections!



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