Introducing Sun Stone Studio in West Concord!

Sun Stone Interior 1
Sun Stone Interior 1

MacAdam_Walden Pond_oil_15x17
MacAdam_Walden Pond_oil_15x17

Lennon_Floor mat_natural fibers_
Lennon_Floor mat_natural fibers_

Sun Stone Interior 1
Sun Stone Interior 1


Welcome to Sun Stone Studio -

An Offspring of Three Stones Gallery

Sun Stone Studio showcases artwork that reflects a unique sensibility by artists from New England and the British Isles. Our sunlit corner studio, located only two doors down from Three Stones Gallery, includes two distinct spaces — one features painting, mixed media and sculpture, the other focuses on fine art photography. We also carry handmade jewelry, hand-woven textiles, ceramics and paper items. Please visit us soon to say hello and see our exciting new collection of artwork.

Sun Stone Studio

107 Commonwealth Ave.
Concord, MA 01742
Sunday - 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm 
Wednesday - Saturday, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Fine Art Photography, Digital Collage 
Monika Andersson, Darlene DeVita, Brandon James, Jennifer M Johnston, Jordan Kessler, John Kennard, Joan Kocak
Painting, Mixed Media, Pastels, Collage 
Brenda Cirioni, Wendy Gonick, Larry Grob, Suzanne Hodes, Jonathan MacAdam, Tracey J. Maroni, Polly Parke, Robert Peters, Siri Smedvig
Jewelry, Clay, Woven Textiles, Turned Wood
Caroline Finlay, Bob Hale, Ailidh Lennon, Donna Melanson,
Mary Morazzi-Henderson, Marty Wallace
Books, Cards
Alice Fox, Amanda Williams Galvin (Revel Revel)