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  • Jennifer M Johnston

Art Gets Us Through

By Jennifer M Johnston

Welcome to the Three Stones Gallery Fine Arts journal / blog.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Jennifer Johnston, a mixed media artist and photographer, and the owner/curator of Three Stones Gallery.

As of this June, 2020, we will have been open six years. The gallery is ever evolving, ever growing, ever showing a rich diversity of mediums, sizes, price points and aesthetics. I am grateful to the the incredible artists for their work, and to the community and our customers for supporting us, believing in us, and appreciating the artwork.

So jumping right in, I’d like to share what art can be (and is) at this time right now. With so many people very cooped up experiencing and feeling the deep sadness of what is happening now and caring for those around them, I wonder... what keeps us ‘afloat’? What pulls us through each hour, and sometimes each day?

Certainly family, friends, and our pets. Certainly moving, being outdoors, and catching some sun. Certainly gratitude for a plateful of healthy food or the pleasure of a salted almond dark chocolate bar (me). And then certainly art in all its forms.

To hear an inspiring, beautiful song can turn a day or evening around. To ‘huddle in’ and get lost in a good book can be a soothing journey for our minds. And to create/ express ourselves through all kinds of art projects at home brings a simple release and outer expression to all that inner energy bouncing around.

To make and create (coloring book, collage, sewing, puzzle, cooking, building, painting, drawing, writing, dancing, singing) is the essential pulse of who we are. Every kind of expression allows us to more fully feel and experience ourselves, one another, and our world.

art is soothing

art is enjoyable, fun, and whimsical, at times

art can be instructive and challenging

art helps us make sense

art expands us and opens our senses

art can help heal us by reaching in and touching our minds, hearts, even souls

Simply put, art lifts us (viewing, creating, making, doing). It is oxygen for our minds and hearts

Especially when the world weighs heavy.

Photo: Santuit River by Jennifer M Johnston

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