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MIKE MEI graduated from Guangzhou Normal University and emigrated in 1985. He now teaches Chinese art and calligraphy at Brandeis and is the president of the Chinese American Fine Arts Society. Fluent in three different Chinese dialects, Mandarin, Cantonese and Toishanese, his calligraphy demonstrates communicating in multiple dialects using the same written characters. Each character or word is pronounced in a variety of ways, but has the same meaning across ethnicities within China. 


Mei was commissioned to create a tablet at the Gateway to Chinatown in Boston. He wrote the character for “longevity” 2,000 times in different styles that was carved in marble for a public park in China. He was the only living Chinese artist included in the 100th celebration of the Peabody Essex Museum (now PEM) in 2003 and the only Chinese artist in more than a century to appear at Harvard University and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts where he was invited to demonstrate the art of Chinese calligraphy. His works are in the collections of the former president of Taiwan, Ma Ying Ju and PEM. 

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