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Mixed Media Paintings from Kitsune: Ghosts and Shadows series

Lynne's work is featured at our Concord gallery, May 14 - June 23, 2020.


Artist Statement:

“A taut relationship between color & line & surface & depth, that speaks for the dualism of flatness and illusionistic space...that characterizes the best modern paintings.” — Stuart Davis, American Abstract Painter 


This explains what I am trying to achieve in my work. However, I feel equally vested about imbuing some aspect of spiritualism and mysticism such is expressed in aboriginal works. After 10 years or so, I worked exclusively on my Inuit Influences series. Having loved the simple, heartfelt sensibilities of Inuit art most of my life I was excited to explore their arts and merge them with themes or specific works of my favorite 20th century artists.


This series began after a trip to Japan in 2018. In the beginning, I integrated Japanese images with Inuit ones. But eventually the melding seemed forced. I then exclusively used the mythological fox, Kistune – the messenger of the god Inari – to be the spiritual force in this series. Ghosts and shadows explain the illusiveness of this fascinating character.

Three artists impacted this series: Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997), Paul Klee (1879-1940) and Stuart Davis (1892-1964). Saito (1907-1997) was a grand master of Japanese 20th C. prints. You see his impact in the two framed works with a horizontal landscape format, #10 and #11. After doing using his “Garden, Autumn, Aizu for the basis of more than six works, I returned to using artists that have had a great impact on me, Klee and Davis.

I can rarely make many paintings using the same color scheme. Truly, most of my work can usually be characterized by the use of color. What motivates me is to explore the endless ways color can be used to create a strong composition and convey a unique ambience. 

Bio: LYNNE D KLEMMER is s a studio art graduate of Skidmore College (BS). She also graduated from New England School of Art and Design where she studied Environmental/Interior Design. While keeping up with her painting she has had careers in architectural interiors and landscape design. For the last 10 years she has been working in her studio full time. Animals and plants have always been a passion. She has an intensive small garden and many types of pets. She and her husband have a growing collection of Inuit art. She has always been drawn to folk art and all manner of aboriginal art. Inuit images have been influential throughout her artistic career. Lynne is a represented artist at Three Stones Gallery.

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