Bill chisholm

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"My primary focus is bringing a contemporary approach to realism in the traditional genres of still-life, and landscape. My landscapes are primarily focused on the specificity of place while transcribing the feeling and memory of that place through paint. My still-life work stems primarily from objects that have become iconic to me through a life long encounter with them. These include subjects from the garden, stones from the sea, and vessels from potters and others collected over the years. 

I create art because it allows me to experience my internal and external world more fully — it causes me to pay attention and challenges me to grow. It is also the most effective way for me to share my inner world. I have an experience when I look at the world: it moves me physically, emotionally, and psychologically. The art I create is a specific translation of that experience which I can share with those who view it."

 – Bill Chisholm

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