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Through  June 16

Through the Looking Glass

Featured represented artist Bethany Noël captures the intense visual effects of her auric migraines and the emotional resilience found in her relationship with nature. Concord-based guest artist Alice Rosa presents exquisite botanical illustrations inspired by the power and beauty of nature, from the simplest wildflower to the most elegant peony. Through the camera lens, Maynard-based guest artist Nick Johnson creates abstract black and white studio photographs by arranging flagstones and water into organic geometric compositions. 

The show also features new works by represented artists Merill Comeau, Cindy Crimmin, Joe Faria and Jonathan MacAdam


Monday, 12 - 5

Tuesday - Friday, 10 - 6

Saturday - Sunday, 10 - 5

Three Stones Gallery 

32 Main Street 
Concord, MA 01742
Phone: 978-371-1333
Text: 978-399-8611

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